Status Update

So I have a sore in my mouth, and have had it for a few days. For those of you that don't know, a sore in my mouth basically signifies me that my white blood cells are low. It's like an open sore around the inside of my mouth. It hurts really bad to eat, talk, move my lips, anything. Then last night, Matt and I were drinking around and he accidentally elbowing me in my mouth, causing my tooth to go into my bottom lip and it to bleed. So my mouth is all screwed up. :P

In addition to my mouth sore, I've been feeling tired and headachey for quite some time. I've also begun bruising again (caused probably by my platelets being low.) I've been short of breath and weak, (probably caused by my anemia.). Also - for those of you that don't know (how could you not?:P it's like the number one topic of conversation in my LJ.) I don't currently have health insurance, and it is a huge, huge, huge cause of the stress in my life right now.

Today, I came home from class feeling tired and having a headache, so my mom gave me a shot of Neupogen (a drug that causes my bone marrow to produce my neutrophils (white blood cells) more rapidly.) The shot kind of messed me up for the remainder of the day. I laid down at 1, and slept/laid there for about 3 hours.. Then I woke up and went to meet Matt at the mall, then we went to his house and laid down until 8:30, then I went back home. My back hurts, I have a headache, my mouth still hurts, and my body is tired. I don't want to go to bed yet, because I'm sick of feeling decrepit and tired.