"Super High Me" Screenings in Your Area.

Doug Benson says:

you read that right, beginning on 4/20, you can host your own SUPER HIGH ME screenings for you and all your friends - for free. yeah, for free. all you have to have is a projector, a DVD player and a wall - indoors, outdoors, fifty people or ten people, we don't care! it's called Roll Your Own screenings, and you can go to superhighmemovie.com to get more details, set up your own screening, or find out where someone else is doing a screening in your area. really enterprising pot heads could convince a local theatre or comedy club to have a screening - everyone gets in for free, the club or theater gets all the money from the booze, it's a total win-win. the movie will actually be playing in theaters in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco on May 9, so if you live in one of those cities you can just wait for that. but what are the rest of you waiting for? Roll your own screening of SUPER HIGH ME today.

Note: This is the movie which Michael Blieden and Doug interviewed me for while at Bumbershoot 2006. Doug helped me out with certain inabilities at the festival, and I didn't know he was filming his documentary. They asked me first if I smoked pot for medicinal purposes, and I immediately said, "Yes I do!" Then they asked to interview me about it. I'm in the final cut, short but sweet (so I'm told). Please see the movie - it's going to be fucking amazing. It's got a billion fantastic comedians in it, and it's on a subject matter that needs to be discussed.