NYT: Is Fibromyalgia Real?

In this article by the New York Times, the new medication approved for Fibromyalgia treatment, Lyrica, is discussed. As well as discussing whether or not the disease actually exists.

Since I was prescribed Lyrica about two weeks ago, I wanted to respond to the article. And what better place to do so than on my blog?

First to address the questioning of Fibromyalgia's existence. There are still many people, including doctors, who don't believe it is a real condition. Which means (at least to myself) that these doctors think of it as 'lazy woman syndrome'. Fibromyalgia, and even Lupus, have been stigmatized as that for a lot of years. Even now, when there is more scientific research related to each illness, people deny it. And the only reason why, it seems, is because they can't figure out how to treat us. Why should we be branded liars, because you can't find the answers?

I need to state that I have not been paid by drug companies, as some nuts pushing herbal Fibro "cures" may imply. Since I started taking Lyrica - I've felt fantastic. Better than I've felt in five years. I have been sleeping better. I've been going on walks. I've been more motivated and energetic. I still need the pain medication but not nearly as much. I've cut down half from what I was taking before. I've been in a better mood. This medication has been a lifesaver so far. I have a little bit of hope. As for the side effect of weight gain - it's a good thing in my case. I've lost over 30 pounds in the last year due to lack of appetite. I was swallowing food whole with a drink of water for awhile, just to get some sugar in my blood. The Lupus is still very debilitating as I have extreme photosensitivity. Photosensitivity is a side effect of Lyrica, as well, so I'm getting hit hard when I go outside or to the store.

Basically, if you have Fibro, I suggest giving it a try and seeing if it's for you. Don't listen to the nuts.