The Worst News Article Ever

EDIT: I totally linked to the wrong article. Here is the "Worst Article":

Those of you with Fibromyalgia will find this putrid, just as I did. I hate to give this writer any more hits to this article, but I feel like I need to post about it.

A writer for a free publication called The Cleveland Scene, writes an article in response to a New York Times article titled, "Drug Approved. Is Disease Real?"

However, in my opinion, it's pretty clear from his eloquent response that he didn't even read the rest of the article. He read the headline, and probably skimmed the first half.

It's frustrating that the article even addresses the fact that people with Fibromyalgia are stigmatized as chronic complainers, and then he just perpetuates this horrible myth. And the worst part? It's not even funny.

The first and only comment besides mine is pretty disgraceful, too. It implies that Fibromyalgia was made up just to sell Lyrica.