I'm feeling

i'm very stressed out about everything right now. the lack of money yet need for it is driving me absolutely berserk. i'm worried about my family. i'm worried because one of my wisdom teeth is coming in, finally, and it decided to do it at the worst time possible - when i don't have insurance. i'm exhausted from worry, and i can't take my mind off of it. i've been trying, but i just don't know how. i have so many things going through my mind, they are all fleeting worries that blend into one another. i'll be worrying about one thing and that will remind me of something else to worry about and so on and so forth. i've been like this since i was a kid.

surprisingly, otherwise, i'm not feeling too horrible. my wisdom tooth is bothering me so it's probably helping me not focus on the body pain so much.

i want to go to a chiropractor.