Home Sweet Home.

I'm home from a fourday hospital visit, finally.

On Tuesday I went to Dr. Reynolds to have my six month check up, and also because I was concerned because one of my lymphnodes was swelling up again and I was getting really tired again. He told me I had to stay that night to get some IVIGG, and come in the next day to get some more.

I didn't get to leave until 11 pm on Tuesday night since they didn't start the treatment until 4:45, and it takes six hours to give it to me. So I came in on Wednesday at 9 am, and they immediately started the IVIGG, but they accidentally started giving it to me at a really high rate, so I threw up.Then, because of the vomiting, my doctor made me stay overnight. Then yesterday, since I have bad headaches, he wanted me to get an MRI. So I got an MRI and had to stay overnight again, and now I'm home. Finally. Nothing's wrong with my MRI, so that's good.

I'm tired, and I have to miss a lot of work which pisses me off. I don't want to get fired.