No Chemo All of the Sudden

I walked into the appointment, ready for my first cytoxan treatment. I had a pillow, Sean and Chad were carrying my backpack / cooler.

The nurse walks out and tells me I don't have an appointment that day, and then says that the Dr. "wasn't sure about the Cytoxan."

But he didn't bother to tell me he changed his mind, he just changed it, then made me look and feel like a fool.

When my tooth was pulled [after the Cage concert in July], I asked my mom to reschedule me for last Friday, but when she talked to the nurse (not the scheduler) they said they wanted to wait until after this Friday.

So, today [Friday], Chad, Sean and I get all ready and go to the hospital. We show up and Nurse V. comes out and says, "We're not sure you have your appointment for today. We're trying to figure it out." An hour later I am told that Dr. R. doesn't want to do Cytoxan anymore, he wants to put me back on Methotrexate [which didn't do anything for me last time.]

So I worried, I cut off my long hair for this? What kind of Doctor doesn't even talk to me about the decisions he makes? I am so furious!