School Records

I just got my grade school records from when I was in the third grade.

Apparently, because I have a lisp, I was put in the slow learning classes from third grade on. That is so screwed up, it didn't impair my ability to learn whatsoever! I may have been a bit more antisocial and been picked on more, but that is just encouraging people to behave that way. My tongue is just abnormally larger than other peoples - I don't even want to hear the joke you're thinking of making.

Lab Work

Last week I was told by Dr. Reynolds that I was to come in today and get a lab draw only. He told us we could either go up to the office and they could call someone up, or we could cut out the middle man and go straight to outpatient lab. They even tell us directions to get to the outpatient lab office.

We get in there and she asks us all sorts of questions, treating us like we're complete idiots. She gets on the phone for 10 minutes, then comes back to us and says 'They say that the paperwork is for Lab & Exam, so they want me to take you up there and just to the lab draw up there." The lady can't get a needle in my vein, so it rolls around and hurts really bad. She decides she's going to get the blood out of my hand. Alright fine, whatever. I just don't want to have to deal with the vitals nurse who treats me like I'm nine years old.

We get upstairs and he asks me all sorts of questions and basically says we don't have to stay for an exam and we are released, still slowly leaking blood.

Doctor Time

I got up at nine this morning to go to the doctor. I had a major headache and felt a bit nausea and just overwhelmingly like shit. I get to the doctor's office, and let me just remind you that I still see a pediatric doctor, because he's the "best oncologist in Spokane" and he actually knew the man that discovered Evans. I get there, and I ask if I can have a room so I can lay down, if available. They tell me that none are available. I sit down while my mom runs back by the rooms to get coffee and one room is completely empty. I got my blood drawn and my vitals by the nurse then I go back to the waiting room with my mom. She turns one of the regular chairs around so that I can stretch out and lay down in one of two waiting rooms.

Then these two little red headed kids come in. The boy is about 10 and the girl is 7 or 8. They are so loud and bratty, and their parents are nowhere to be seen. At one point, I hear the boy say, "Get off of me." and then I hear the little girl say, "You like me on you, remember?" Immediately my mom and I look at each other and start laughing hysterically to ourselves. Then their mom comes in, and the kids are still really loud and I'm still laying down feeling crappy, and the mom doesn't tell them to be quiet at all. She doesn't tell them to shut their traps at all. Not only that, but the door to the waiting room is really loud when it shuts and everybody came in staring at me laying down, but didn't have the common courtesy to shut the door like a polite and normal person.

So I get called back and explain everything to my doctor. My blood counts are fine, which is surprising since I've felt so terrible lately. He tells me that my feeling terrible is probably still from the Rituxan (chemo) that I had a month ago. Apparently I won't feel normal again for at least another month. My mom wants to go for disability again, but my doctor doesn't think I am disabled. He doesn't know exactly how I feel all the time. I actually start crying because I'm so tired of this shit.

I got home and crashed, and when I woke up I still felt awful with this terrible headache, so I got a hold of Sean and let him know I couldn't go to Halo night.

She's On A Roll

My mom and I are watching TV together, and she looks over at me and tels me that my stomach looks really fat and I've gained weight and I look pregnant. Thanks mom! I'm 5'7, 140 lbs - Sounds about normal to me.