I Can't Handle This

I'm so tired of this doctor back and forth bullshit.

I used to be scared of asking for pain medication. Then I talked to the nurse and she told me I shouldn't be, because I have a legitimate reason to want them. So I do, and I take the right dosage and everything and I call to ask for more and they tell me that I am taking them too much. They gave me 40 pills and I took all of them in 15 days. that's like 2 or 3 a day, and it says to take them every 6 to 8 hours.. How am I taking them too much?

God I'm so tired of being made to feel guilty about my health problems. It's not fair enough I have them but jesus!

They give any drug they want to people with supposed "back problems", but when I need them for my legitimate and proven illnesses, they don't do anything.