Super High Me!

So, since the movie has been released (yesterday!) and even before, I'd been getting a lot of traffic from people searching for "Super High Me Screening" in Google. I've been really sick or else I would've done this awhile ago, but here's some information for you people!

Even if you're planning on going to one of the later personal screenings that are happening, if you are anywhere near one of the theaters playing it, PLEASE go out and show your support at the theater. As Doug said himself, "Don't be a cheap ass!"

It premiered yesterday, April 11, in LA (Regent Showcase), Seattle (Admiral Twin), Portland (Cinema 21) and San Francisco (The Roxie).

As for the personal screenings, you can still go to to set up your own screening in your hometown - try to take advantage of that amazing opportunity. Really a great idea.

To see a full list of screenings - go here!!

When I'm so sick

for about a week, and I can't do any kind of chores or any kind of project, I can't make myself food.. i end up getting really depressed and lonely. when i feel this terrible i don't like to be alone because i just start dwelling on insignificant things that make me feel really pathetic and worse.

flares, conjunctivitis related or otherwise.

so much stress lately, and i have developed the worst flare ive had in awhile. i have super inflamed sores on my body, a raging headache, a sore throat, extremely fatigued and my joints are REALLY BAD. i will post more when i am in a better state.

also - my computer is practically dead. a very kind and generous friend came by and worked with it a bit and got it to at least work the internet until we can afford to buy new parts.

i am just so dead right now. save a spoon for me.


Vitamin D

Some posts on the LFA message board inspired me to post about Vitamin D deficiency. For my benefit and yours.

This article from WebMD says that Vitamin D deficiency may be linked to unexplained muscle and bone pain. [link]

So Stressed Out

My body is inflamed in almost every way possible, and I don't know if it is causing the amount of stress I'm feeling lately, or if it's the stress causing the inflammation.

About a month ago, out of nowhere, I got a really bad eye infection. I didn't realize it was an infection, until it had already spread to both eyes. They were very swollen and for a week and a half I was extremely light sensitive, I couldn't look at the TV or sit at a computer, I couldn't read or look at anything with the light on. I went to the eye doctor and it was an uncomfortable experience to say the least. I couldn't look into the machine for more than a second at a time without amazing pain and watering of my eyes. It was very painful and difficult to get through the appointment. He gave me drops to put in 4 times a day which were excruciating and caused more light sensitivity. I did this for two or three weeks and it went away for awhile. Over the past few days it has shown itself again in both eyes. I still have the drops and have started putting them in again, but my right eye became pretty swollen and hurt a lot again yesterday. Today the pain has subsided but the swelling is still there.

My face is completely broken out with a rash, my joints have been aching, and I've been unable to relax much. The last few days my tonsils have been swollen and sore in the morning, my nails are brittle and my clumsiness is outrageous.

I'm going to try to do some Yoga today while everyone is out of the house, and that will probably help some. There's a lot on my mind, lately. We're having money problems, and I'm having my own issues to deal with. It used to bother me a lot, and it has subsided to only really getting to me every six months or so. It's so hard to not be able to provide for myself in any way shape or form. Most importantly, I can't help much with bills and household expenses and food...

but it really starts to take a toll on your self esteem when you can't provide for yourself to keep up your appearance at all. I haven't been able to buy new jeans in years, I'd like to buy myself some minor items for my hair since it has grown so long. Because of my eye infection I have to buy new eye makeup, I'm running out of sunscreen (most importantly of all.). It's hard when you're so exhausted (and broke) that you can't even develop a hobby or skill.

I have great girlfriends that I want to be able to spend time with. We've been planning on going out together this weekend two separate times, and I should be used to it by now, but I can't go again. I have to think about my health and stay indoors this weekend and try to get myself feeling better. It's really difficult.

end rant and self pity.