Lab Work

Last week I was told by Dr. Reynolds that I was to come in today and get a lab draw only. He told us we could either go up to the office and they could call someone up, or we could cut out the middle man and go straight to outpatient lab. They even tell us directions to get to the outpatient lab office.

We get in there and she asks us all sorts of questions, treating us like we're complete idiots. She gets on the phone for 10 minutes, then comes back to us and says 'They say that the paperwork is for Lab & Exam, so they want me to take you up there and just to the lab draw up there." The lady can't get a needle in my vein, so it rolls around and hurts really bad. She decides she's going to get the blood out of my hand. Alright fine, whatever. I just don't want to have to deal with the vitals nurse who treats me like I'm nine years old.

We get upstairs and he asks me all sorts of questions and basically says we don't have to stay for an exam and we are released, still slowly leaking blood.