Lupus & UV Rays from Fluorescent Lightbulbs.

The other day I dugg an article about the possibility of banning regular lightbulbs for the, apparently, more energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. Recently, I had been informed from a friend who also has Lupus that not only are we (people with lupus) sensitive to sunlight, but also to the UV rays in fluorescent lights as well. I was completely unaware of that, as no doctors have bothered to inform me on Lupus whatsoever. Everything I know about it has been research I've done on the internet or information given to me by other sufferers.

I googled lupus and fluorescent bulbs so I could find an article to link in my comment that would back up my claim. I found this article which brought up the point that hadn't quite dawned on me yet: the sick I feel when I go to the store isn't from having to be up and out and walking around.. It's from the damn lights!

When I go to the store, I end up getting extremely nauseas, sweaty and so sick I have to go sit at the front of the store and have Sean finish the shopping. It's really bothersome. It's almost like I'm trapped in a giant box of radiation, the longer I'm in there, the worse I feel. It just literally sucks the life out of me. It's pretty bizarre, but makes me realize I need to wear long sleeves and high sunscreen whenever I leave the house. And also cements the fact that - leaving the house sucks.