Super High Me!

So, since the movie has been released (yesterday!) and even before, I'd been getting a lot of traffic from people searching for "Super High Me Screening" in Google. I've been really sick or else I would've done this awhile ago, but here's some information for you people!

Even if you're planning on going to one of the later personal screenings that are happening, if you are anywhere near one of the theaters playing it, PLEASE go out and show your support at the theater. As Doug said himself, "Don't be a cheap ass!"

It premiered yesterday, April 11, in LA (Regent Showcase), Seattle (Admiral Twin), Portland (Cinema 21) and San Francisco (The Roxie).

As for the personal screenings, you can still go to to set up your own screening in your hometown - try to take advantage of that amazing opportunity. Really a great idea.

To see a full list of screenings - go here!!


Barry said...

Well, let me know when it shows in Liberia :P

swiss said...

You may be able to download it or watch it on youtube. :)