Eye Allergies.

As I write this I'm in various stages of extreme pain to my eyes by looking at the screen. I'm wearing sunglasses and alternating between typing a few lines and applying a cold compress to my eyes for some temporary relief.

I'm not positive but I think my original eye infection began about two months ago. Suddenly it felt like something was in my right eye. I, being a jackass, tried rubbing it out (Go ahead and laugh at "rubbing it out".) but of course that didn't help and only made it worse. Soon it spread to the other eye and I had to go see an eye doctor. My eyes were extremely sensitive to light, dimness, focusing on small details. It was difficult to get through the exam, because they were shining light directly into my very sore eyes. Plus having Fibromyalalgia just makes it ten times worse. I was given an antibiotic eye drop to apply to my eye four times a day. I saw the doctor for a follow up one week later, and I had shown progress but needed another week of drops. It didn't seem to get much better and it kept coming back and going away at random times. I soon began to believe that I wasn't suffering from an eye infection but extreme eye allergies.

I couldn't research it because every time I sat at the computer, my eyes teared up and started hurting really bad. Over the last few weeks the allergies have been very bad, to the point that I can't really do much reading, tv watching, go outside, use the computer, etc. It's difficult to watch my dog when she's in the backyard, because of my eyes. I worry every time I let her out that she may escape and I'll have to go outside and chase her down blindly. I finally got fed up last night and dealt with the pain that the computer screen causes and researched the allergies.

One of the first sites I went to suggested UV light to be an irritant. A lightbulb popped above my head, of course. Now I think I have pollen induced eye allergies which are extremely irritated by ultraviolet light. I'm going to schedule an appointment with my primary care physician tomorrow morning to confirm my suspicions. I would also like them to prescribe me some sort of allergy medication. I've tried several OTC eyedrops and pills over the past couple months and none have done much of anything.

Any thoughts, confirmations, or TIPS!!, please feel free to comment!!