The Worst News Article Ever

EDIT: I totally linked to the wrong article. Here is the "Worst Article":

Those of you with Fibromyalgia will find this putrid, just as I did. I hate to give this writer any more hits to this article, but I feel like I need to post about it.

A writer for a free publication called The Cleveland Scene, writes an article in response to a New York Times article titled, "Drug Approved. Is Disease Real?"

However, in my opinion, it's pretty clear from his eloquent response that he didn't even read the rest of the article. He read the headline, and probably skimmed the first half.

It's frustrating that the article even addresses the fact that people with Fibromyalgia are stigmatized as chronic complainers, and then he just perpetuates this horrible myth. And the worst part? It's not even funny.

The first and only comment besides mine is pretty disgraceful, too. It implies that Fibromyalgia was made up just to sell Lyrica.


Becca said...


I just went and left a comment of my own on the post. Some people just like to show off their own ignorance I guess.

Ema said...

Yeah... New York Times. They try to be edgy these days, when they're really not. I guess they're still better than the Post - oh gosh!

Tao said...


Either way, I hate that misconception.

At least now, the doctors are straying away from the psychosomatic theory and more toward nervous system dysfunction evidence.

My doc told me recently that I may have fibromyalgia, and I was kind of pissed because in some cases, I think it's a cop out diagnosis. Everything is deductive. "Well, we couldn't figure out what is physically wrong with you through a couple tests, so you probably have this condition that will imply you are a hypochondriac."

Meanwhile, I'm pretty confident I have some spine and joint damage, but no one has cared to take an x-ray simply because I was recently hospitalized for depression. People. I wonder when all these NSAIDs are going to catch up to my body, for better or worse. I'm sure my carbon footprint is colossal with the number of baths I must take.

People really take little things for granted, like being able to get out of bed to do things you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?