About Me

My name is Swiss. I'll be 24 in August of this year. I was a pretty sickly kid, and my family chalked my tummy aches as either an attempt to get out of school, or a cry for attention from a stressed out kid. In high school I was the Fundraiser and Ad Sales Director for my school plays, which was a pretty high stress position but I really enjoyed it, as well as a part-time fast food job and my schooling. By senior year I felt thoroughly worn out. I was finally put on state medical insurance, and I urged my mom to take me to the doctor. We suspected many things that could be the cause of myself being so tired I couldn't get out of bed. Hypothyroidism, which many members of my family have, Epstein-Barr Virus, Mono, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They all sort of resemble each other. I know that my mom and I weren't expecting a call the next day telling me that I had Lymphoma.

After several wrong diagnosis', four years of seeing a terrible (and nearly abusive) pediatric oncologist, three years on prednisone, and more, I'm finally seeing a wonderful rheumatologist who has diagnosed me with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Whereas my former doctors' diagnosis never really sounded like my symptoms, I researched Fibromyalgia and Lupus and it clicked - these two illnesses together is what is going on with my body! I got off the prednisone and on a medication regiment that actually works. I've been told I can't work again and that I should apply for SSI benefits, which I am currently awaiting my "appeal before a judge" date.

I feel like having Lupus along with Fibromyalgia magnifies, and changes the effects of Lupus to an extent. I've learned many things about my illnesses by researching them. I've tried many things to relieve certain symptoms. I want to share these things, so it's easier for you and your loved ones to cope.