Dream Entry

I was at this big house with my mom. And we went outside for some reason and my dad pulled up in a car with our dog, Clancy. Clancy looked happy, like a puppy again, and dad looked how he used to. Not bloated, not old, not miserable. He showed us a parking ticket or something that he had gotten on May 4th, 2002. But in reality, he died on April 29th, 2002. He came to show us this, and he said that he had been alive for another week after we thought he had died. And it wasn't a suicide, it was a car accident on some street in Seattle. He said that, now, he had to hang around that street for all of eternity. He was always there. And I kept asking him why he was here if it was just a one-time deal. And he said "Yeah." He wouldn't answer any questions about why he was there. He wouldn't tell me anything except that he is always on this street.

I hugged him. It felt so good. I miss him so much. The one year anniversary of his death is coming along soon. I can't get overPost Options how real it was.

Anyway. I have an interview at the Dairy Queen at the Mall in about an hour.