Dream Entry.

I'm writing to wait for my legs to stop being so restless. I didn't want another repeat of last night happening. Didn't get to sleep until 6 am. It's 4 am now, so I guess it's a semi-repeat. This is a dream I had recently:

I visited Steve Jay's (one of my mom's former boyfriends who was extremely abusive.) old house on Garland. I walked up and there was an old man on a lawn chair in the yard next door. He looked at me, confused. So I said, "I used to live here, remember?" He said he didn't and hadn't lived there for very long. I drew the conclusion that the other old couple who lived there while I did,. must have died. Next thing I know, I am at the front door. A young couple answers. I know they are a man and woman, but I can only remember seeing the woman. Next, I'm in the big bedroom. The woman is across from me, folding laundry. I gasped at something and started getting upset. The woman looked concerned, and said, "You've got horrible memories here, don't you?" The house wasn't nearly as dark as I remember it to be. It looked bright with sun shining in all the windows.