Disability Response

Keep in mind it's supposed to take three to six months to get a response. They received my information on 9/22. I got my response today. Less than a month for a decision. LOVELY.

"We have determined that your condition is not severe enough to keep you from working. We considered the medical and other information, your age, education, training and work experience in determining how your condition affects your ability to work.

You state you are disabled due to fatigue from chemotherapy treatment. The medical evidence indicates you have had a flare in symptoms in 2005 for Evans Syndrome and are receiving treatment. You receive pain medications for complaints of various joint pain. The medical evidence indicates you are limited to performing tasks where you lift very light objects and where you are able to sit a majority of the day with regular break periods to adjust position. Although you have not worked significant, based on the medical/vocational evidence you are determined capable of performing work within the national economy that is within your limitations. Therefore, a period of disability cannot be determined."

What the fuck? They don't even MENTION the RA, and they say I'm receiving treatment for EVANS right now, when I'm NOT. I'm receiving treatment for RA. Do they not know how to read, or what?

It's just frustrating that people with legitimate disabilities get denied and have to try over and over and over and over again to get a little help.