Update from the Hospital

Not to worry anybody, but this is the best way I can let people know what's going on with me without calling everybody. Besides, half of the people this is directed at don't read it and won't ever read it so who cares? :P

I'm sitting in the Teen Lounge at the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital..

Lately, I've been waking up just drenched with sweat. My t-shirt was soaked all the way through today when I woke up.. And I really didn't want to go to my doctor's appointment. I really just wanted to stay in Sean's bed and just sleep away the sweat so I wouldn't have to feel it. But I was convinced to go.

I guess it's a good thing I did.. Because my doctor thinks I may have Hodgkins Lymphoma now.. (again.. This is what they originally thought I had at the very beginning of all this...) I've been here since 9:45 am.. I've been getting jerked around by the doctor all day long and have spent way more time here than I actually needed to. If he had given the proper directions, I could've been done with this a long time ago. At least I get to go to Halo tonight.

I'll give a more detailed update at another time, I don't want to go into the whole thing while I"m here.. Sean is passed out on the teen lounge couch while I drink this dye crap for my CT scan and I want to put together a puzzle.