Potential Bumbershoot 06 Trip?

so for those of you who don't know who tinkle is.. it's only a group made up of three of the most amazing comedian / performers ever. david cross (arrested development, mr. show, etc.) h jon benjamin (home movies, dr. katz), and todd barry (of just being badass todd barry fame.) called Tinkle.

well, they're slated to perform in seattle at bumbershoot this year. sept 2, 3 and 4. i'm thinking the chances of sean and i going are really really high. hopefully i'll be on disability by then and i'll have some me money saved up. plus, since the festival is like a week after my 22nd birthday i bet some awesome family member would contribute to the tickets cost. three day pass is $70 if we get them in advance. totally worth it though, for how many comedy acts perform. we probably won't even see much music, especially considering there isn't anybody i particularly want to see. atmosphere is playing, who i'd like to see. the blood brothers are playing who i know sean would like to see. that's all i know of right now. plus the possibility of patton oswalt or brian posehn being there is likely.. i think they've both been there before. maybe the comedians of comedy will perform as a whole.

the sooner i go to bed, the sooner i get to eat delicious amazing pho which i haven't had in like three weeks and i'm dying without it.