Disability Determination Response

So I got a letter today from DSHS. I got excited thinking it was a denial or approval of cash benefits.. But I open it and for the first time, they're actually making me go to a doctor to get looked at about my condition.

"It was determined that we didn't know enough about your condition so we're sending you to this doctor to get a physical exam." The thing is? They're sending me to a chiropractor. If anybody knows what autoimmune diseases have to do with chiropractors, please let me know. If anything, she [the social worker] should be sending me to arheumatologist for a full exam. I'm thinking, since she's made silly mistakes before, that she saw 'arthritis' and automatically thought 'bones', therefore thinking 'chiropractor'. Why does the government hire people who know nothing about their jobs?

I'm beyond tired of getting fucked over by the government.