More Doctor Babble that is probably Repeats of Information.

You guys know how it is though, not feeling good = no motivation.

I'm going to try to make this post as summarized as possible, and if you have any questions or want me to clear anything up for you, just comment. :)

When I was 17 I was diagnosed with Evans Syndrome and started seeing a pediatric oncologist. It took three biopsies to figure out what I had, because it was that whole process of elimination thing. I saw him from 2002 until 2006, even though I was way past pediatrics. The reason I kept seeing him was because I was on horrible state medical and no rheumatologist on the planet would accept it. I had no choice. He insisted I call him when I was sick or had any problems, rather than going to a general practicioner, which you're apparently supposed to do.

Through those years that I saw the ped. onc. he was a really strange guy. My mom and I didn't like him. He made us wait in the waiting room for literally four or five hours every appointment, and for a long time we were going to appointments every week. When we did get to see him he would babble on endlessly about horses. His responses to things like yeast infections were, "That's a hygiene problem." Everybody knows yeast infections are common in people with low immune systems. He made masked sexual remarks re: my boyfriend and I, he would prescribe me 20 pain pills at a time, saying I could take one every four hours. When I called back for a refill, he would yell at me, even though I took them as prescribed and as needed. We finally had to stop seeing him when he told me one day that I was going to need Cytoxan. I came back on the day of the appointment, and nobody had even set the appointment. Apparently now the doctor wasn't sure he wanted to do Cytoxan. So I spent upwards of a month preparing myself mentally for this challenge. I was absolutely terrified. His response by my angry reaction? To act like it was my fault. Not only that, but while I'm sitting there crying my eyes out, he says to my boyfriend and mom, "She must be really difficult to deal with when she's like this." They were shocked and I stormed off.

At the next appointment, I had figured out another doctor. My grandma convinced her rheumatologist to accept my insurance. Dr. 1 said he would send Dr. 2 my entire chart, meet with him, talk with him regarding my case. Three months later when I arrived for my appointment with Dr. 2, Dr. 1 still hadn't sent the chart. The faxed half of it and gave up. It's the most pathetic excuse for a clinic on the planet. He mentally abused me for years and I allowed it because I didn't know any better, and now there isn't anything I can do about it. Don't let yourself get treated like this by a doctor, because now I have a doctor who cares and I know I didn't need to be treated like that.

Anyway, now I'm re-applying for disability and Dr. 2 can only describe my state for the last year, not for the last 6, and Dr. 1 is a jerk who won't respond to our calls. Is that even legal?

Disability Redetermination called me today and are sending me another form to fill out. The guy I talked to was very nice, and said I could attach as many pages as I needed describing the state of my condition, in my eyes. He is also sending forms to my mom and Sean.

I may have a chance, then again I say that each time around.