MRIs and CT Scans.

months ago, i requested dr. reynolds send paperwork to GAU so I could get disability assistance, and he never did. and he had THREE MONTHS to send my medical records to Dr. Kenney, and never did. So today, Kenney had to call them and request they fax my information, but it was all useless crap. So he has to start from scratch, which isn't exactly a bad thing. he took SEVEN VIALS of blood - which was incredibly painful. they had to poke me twice.. the worst part is the needle being held in and being knocked around and bumped when they're filling the vials. i hate that. i get uncomfortable with the touriquette around my arm, and them poking at my swollen veins. i hate that. then, when they don't get the needle in the vein, they have to poke the skin, WITH THE NEEDLE IN IT, to try to get it in the vein, and let me tell you - it's not fucking comfortable. it's not like it's agonizing pain, but it hurts, and it's uncomfortable, and i don't suggest it. the doctor noticed some concentration / memory loss problems and decided to get me a brain scan / mri.

people generally have no idea what an mri or ct scan consists of. a lot of people automatically assume that you're in a big closed coffin like tube for hours unable to move. those kinds of scans really aren't THAT common. the most common mris aren't always of the brain / head, and it's not a long tube you're in. you're in a big round hole that makes loud clanking noises and you have to stay very still, but it's usually only for about 20 minutes. sometimes less. and CT scans are even BETTER. there's the big round hole that makes a lot of noise, but it only takes a minute and you're in and out.

this one is going to be incredibly uncomfortable. i'm going to have to be laying there for an hour to and hour and a half getting this brain scan. i told dr. kenney that i didn't think id' be able to stay still for that long.. for those of you who don't know what it is like to have lupus, ra or fibromyalgia, it can be really hard to just stay still. there is no comfortable position - especially not on an mri table. it's harder than a rock and NOT comfortable in ANY way. Thankfully, dr. kenney is a great doctor - unlike my last one, and was actually concerned about my anxiety. so i'm getting sedated.