Troubles With DSHS

I have problems with my medical / food stamps / etc ALL THE TIME. The latest in said developments?

First of all, my food stamps didn't go through until the 3rd of the month. When I called my social worker to ask about the day they should be available her extremely helpful response was 'I dunno.. Usually it's on the first, just keep checking.' And when I first picked up the EBT card I asked for a welcome pamphlet, but was told they didn't have them.. However, whenever I do research about DSHS online, it says I should've recieved a welcome packet with my EBT card. Nothing.

Today, I go to the doctor, then I go to the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions for Prevacid (because I have acid reflux, and when I don't take Prevacid at least once daily, I get horrible, awful, heartburn.) and for more pain killers. This is my usual pharmacy, I know the pharmacist, he knows me, etc. He tells me that I was denied both. 'Person not covered.' WTF?! That's really great for a person with severe illnesses and an anxiety problem, tell them they don't have medical. So, my mom paid $20 for my pain medication, $5 for some lesser strength antacid, and we came to my house to get the phone number to call my social worker.

It wasn't even HER fault! It was some other random person. Since my program changed (meaning I got food stamps.) they had to switch to another program on my file. Well, they didn't do it right, she put me down for food but removed me from medical. She didn't apologize or anything. She said 'Want to come pick up your coupon?'

Um, no, we don't want to have to pay for your mistake. She is sending it in the mail, and hopefully I'll be covered soon. Also, the doctor sent in my paperwork for CASH assistance, yet DSHS hasn't recieved it yet. Which means, it's probably going through DSHS's horrible and long process of filing and processing paperwork.