yesterday at the doctor, they put me on a new anti-depressant, cymbalta. it's a pain reliever, anti anxiety and anti depressant in one. it completely knocked me on my ass yesterday, but i have to take one everyday. for three weeks, then i start on 2 a day. i'm also getting lowered off my prednisone. one mg every month she said.. so it's going to take me probably a year or so to get off of it. and it's going to be painful, but hopefully the end results are worth it.

i'm supposed to start recording everything, how I feel, my exercise, etc. i have fibromyalgia, i guess, and not rheumatoid arthritis, but i do have lupus and evans. so they told me one of the best things for fibromyalgia is exercise, slowly and gently. my grandma is bringing me a video of fibromyalgia exercises.. and i read a few websites that say to walk and cycle a lot. just slowly at first, for about five minutes at first, and add a minute or two everyday until you're at 45m for walking and 60m for cycling. i need to get my bike up here, and there's no way i'm going outside until it's 40 degrees warmer out.

i slept pretty good last night, probably from the cymbalta, but my anxiety is worse and it's slightly helping with the pain.the np said that I would probably have weird side effects for a few weeks, but that it will go away hopefully. like the anxiety probably. she told me to call her if i had any other side effects though.