Fibro Symptoms I relate to

(This post is mostly just for my benefit)

Severe Fatigue - I've had this problem for quite some time. Seems like after the two horrible weeks of Prednisone tapering, my energy level improves a lot.
Poor Sleep - I have a lot of dreams that I don't remember, but leave me with a bad, anxious, angry, guilty, scared or just bad feeling. Especially lately.
Post Exertional Pain - After anything physical, I feel light headed, very flushed, hot, short of breath, and nauseas.
Tension Headaches - I've been complaining of these since my diagnosis of Evan's Syndrome. I still have a big problem with them, and tylenol doesn't come close to touching the pain. I recently discovered that an ice pack really helps.
Cold Intolerance - I've mentioned before that when in bed, my body is OK under the covers, but if I put my arm or shoulder outside, it becomes stiff and very sore.
Unexplained Bruising - Self explanatory.
Chest Pain - I get a sharp pain in my chest sometimes that increases with breathing in and out. Usually happens a few times a week.
Jaw Pain - Every so often my jaw clicks, becomes very sore. I clench my teeth a lot. I find this to be more evident when going through Prednisone withdrawals.
Dizziness - I get dizzy most of the time with I stand up.
Depression and Anxiety - I've suffered from both since childhood.
PMS - My periods are very painful. A lot of painful cramps, extreme fatigue and dizziness.
Restless Leg Syndrome - Self explanatory.