The Hunt for SSI + Other Things

Every year, the week before Christmas, I get a terrible chest cold / sinus infection that lasts forever. This year was no different than the previous two. I'm sitting here sick, nursing a partial root canal that was done yesterday, and trying to get some jewelry orders filled before Christmas and send off last minute gifts.

After my last denial about a month ago, I contacted some lawyers. They were extremely rude, short fused and irate with me. Besides that, they had the same old doubtful attitude about Fibromyalgia & it's existence in me. He even said, "Lupus is one of those things you can't definitely diagnose." I was just shocked that someone who is supposed to be wanting my business, someone I'm supposed to be giving money to, was treating me like this. We scheduled an appointment to meet, but I canceled. When asked by his secretary if I wanted to reschedule I said, "Uh, definitely not."

I contacted another lawyer whose legal assistant told me to acquire my medical records from DSHS and all of my other and previous doctors. Unfortunately I don't have $50 to drop on each doctor whose records I need (would amount to at least $100 to get all my records immediately - I just CAN'T afford that. there's no way.) BUT - I did get my records that DSHS had on file.

On top? A letter from my current specialist doctor in September stating very clearly "SHE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO RETURN TO WORK."

So much validation just in one photocopy.

After all the bullshit I've been through with doctors and government agencies and lawyers.

I can't even express how much relief just that paper gave me. Just that sentence. I'm not crazy, I'm not lazy, I'm not anything that uneducated, self-absorbed people want to believe I am.

Happy Holidays everybody.

xo swiss