This Week in Lupus

A beautiful 15 year old girl died due to complications of Lupus, and a medical staffs inability to allow her to seek other forms of treatment. Her mother insisted that side effects of Cellcept were causing her extreme pain, regular infections and required her to go through dialysis regularly. She ordered the doctors to stop the treatment. Shortly after, they filed a complaint with child welfare authorities accusing her of medical neglect. An autopsy report determined she died of "kidney failure due to Lupus." My heart goes to her family. I can't believe it's possible that this happens in America today. We don't have a choice as to what kind of medical treatment we receive? I know I've been pushed Flu Shots and other vaccines on me SEVERAL times by doctors. They don't even ask if you want to get it, they just say, "You're getting a flu shot." and in like three seconds it's done. [ link ]


Carly Demers said...

That's totally true, I'm anemic (that doesn't even COMPARE to lupus, I'm sure!!)and when my Dr. told me, he was just flipping through my paper work and told me as if it were an off the cuff comment, "oh and you're anemic, so that could be making the hypoglycemia worse...we'll get a supplement cocktail going for that...." and that was it! In the same tone as he would say, "i went snowboarding last weekend..." I just think they have too many patients...stopped seeing us as people... Its too bad about that girl, something does need to be done!!