I was bitten by a dog

Here's the whole story, since I never really elaborated on it.

I had started noticing that neighborhood dogs have been running free. Once, I was walking by a house that was three houses away, across the street. And a big white dog started to approach me, showing his teeth and obviously looking for a fight. I stood very still and called my mom on her cell phone so she could help me get him away. She pulled up in the car to separate us. We called animal control. There's a leash-law in Spokane that means dogs can't be off a leash unless they're fenced in, and this guy wasn't. So, we called animal control, because I walked that way very frequently to catch the bus and didn't want any more confrontations with Mr. Meanie Dog.

Then a couple times when I was walking to or from the bus stop, passing by the house that is three doors away from my house on the same block. A young girl (Her name is Misty.) , about my age, is standing in her doorway with the screen door open, kinda half-calling for her dog to come in the house. The dog is in the yard barking, and he is MEAN. She is just standing there, while he's barking at me and scaring me, so finally I told her "Quit being fucking lazy and come get your god damned dog away from me." or something along those lines. After that happened, I'd seen her doing the same thing. Fucking laziness.

So on June 16th, I get off the bus from work to come home, and I'm walking up my street, and Misty is standing outside with her dog, who is barking fiercely, and a friend who is getting into her car. Misty is in the yard with the dog, who runs at me.. So I stop - it worked last time. My thoughts are, if I stay still maybe he'll leave me alone. He then bites me on my right ass cheek - close to my upper thigh. Misty is doing nothing to try and get her dog away from me. Finally I said, "Get your fucking dog away from me right now, he just bit me." She ignores me, and continues to talk to her friend. I yell again "GET YOUR DOG AWAY FROM ME OR I'M GOING TO CALL ANIMAL CONTROL." This girl, does she apologize for her dog biting me? Like a normal person would do? Oh no.. She says these exact words, "Do something, bitch." I say "Oh don't fucking worry you little bitch, I'm calling animal control and getting your dog taken away from you."

I storm home, take off my pants and I see that I have a bloody bite mark - I have photos. We call animal control, and the bitch avoids them to the point of her not getting in any trouble and the dog not being isolated or anything. She gets away with it.

The same dog bit the mailman a few days ago. Misty fought with him about it as well. I'm taking this stupid woman to court.


I just got out of the hospital for my last Rituxan treatment. The first week was awful because I had two nurses who are lazy, cackling hens. The second and third weeks, I had different nurses, who were wonderful. Today I had the same nurses from the first week and had problems again. I'm going to write an evaluation.

Dr. Reynolds told me that my Neutrophil's (white blood cells) are pretty low, so I shouldn't be playing 'tackle football' or anything like that. I'm supposed to just take it easy. The Rituxan has been increasingly more tiresome and painful on my body, so we requested some pain medication to take home. I have another appointment on Friday to be checked up on. I won't know if I have to continue treatment until then.