Doctor Ridiculousness

So, yesterday at the hospital we discussed the possibility of my getting some pain medication for this week, since the Rituxan has been getting worse and worse.

Usually, when we ask my 70 year old doctor to fill out a prescription for me - he manages to screw it up somehow. One time he wrote to give me 7.5mg of a certain pain medication. We get to the pharmacist and he tells us that 7.5mg of that particular drug doesn't exist. My mom had to go all the way back to the hospital to get the doctor to write something else, while I'm at home in pain right after surgery.

Well, since he left before I did yesterday, my mom had to go to the hospital and pick up his prescription for me. He's giving me Oxycodone which is a very high prescription drug that a lot of people get addicted to and abuse. Therefore - he can't call it into the pharmacy, he has to write it, and it needs to be physically handed to the Pharmacist. Well, my mom brings it to the pharmacy and the Pharmacist - Ron, a super old guy who's really nice and we always BS with, tells us that Dr. Reynolds, the dingbat, didn't SIGN THE PRESCRIPTION. So my mom is stressing out, because she has to go back to the hospital to get him to sign it then go back to the pharmacy then be at work by 3pm.