Needlessly Cruel and Ignorant People

A lot of high school drama involving a "feud" between myself and multiple members of the school band. I was never really friends with them or said much to them, but suddenly they started accusing me of things that were completely false. They took someones relationship and misconstrued it to their liking. They had never really talked to me about it to my face, only cowardly said cruel things behind my back. One of them was a boy who, for no reason at all, called me a "dyke". While eating lunch, I asked him why he would say that about me? He said, "Because everybody knows you sleep around!" Of course, I was a virgin at the time.

After high school, a friend of mine has still maintained contact with them, though reluctantly. He always considered one of them an uptight, demanding and controlling woman. I haven't spoken or even though about this group of people in two years. The friend of mine ended up mentioning something about my having to go through chemotherapy. Her response? "Karma." with a pretty little smile.