Darker Side of the Moon

For a recap - the day I went in to do the Cytoxan (chemo) a nurse told me I didn't have an appointment for that day and that Dr Reynolds wasn't even sure he wanted to go ahead with the Chemo. I cut my hair, I mentally prepared myself for over a month and that's what happens. We have a meeting with him, I freak out because I'm incredibly angry and he's acting like it's MY fault. He even said to Sean and my mom 'This must be difficult to deal with all the time.' I'm not fucking like that all the time, I am pissed because YOU fucked me over, and are blaming it on me!

So I get referred to Dr. K. We called ahead and asked if he accepted my medical - DSHS, which most people don't. The receptionist said they did, we sent me paperwork and tried to make an appointment today, but the lady said they don't accept my medical. Just wonderful. Even if they did I wouldn't be able to get in until November. Lovely. I need to see someone ASAP. My lupus and ra are currently untreated except steroids, which I'd like to get off of EVENTUALLY. I've been on em for a good two years now.

Not only that but the last time I got pain meds from Dr. R., he prescribed me Hydrocodone instead of my usual Oxycodone. The difference is Hydros have a bunch of tylenol in them, Oxy's don't. The tylenol makes me nauseas, headachey and hurt my body really bad. We have been trying to get ahold of him since Thursday of last week. We've been calling every day and the nurser promises he'll call us tomorrow. but he's NEVER there when we call and he hasn't returned the call yet. He's calling tomorrow and I'm LEAVING tomorrow at like 6pm! This is SUCH bullshit. I'm SO SICK OF EVERYBODY IN THE MEDICAL / GOVERNMENT SUCKING FOR A LIVING.

on a lighter note -

bumbershoot is so close, and doug benson is probably going to help us get into some good shows. i'm terrified i won't get into some of them. i'm not going for music and the comedy tents are usually sold out.