Bumbershoot 2006

So this was my first year attending Bumbershoot, the Seattle arts and music festival. They have a billion music acts and each year the comedy has been getting better and better. When I found out that Tinkle was going to be performing at Bumbershoot, I decided then and there I would go. I didn't know any other music or comedy I'd want to see at that point. Then they released the whole lineup. Nothing musical I had any kind of inkling to see except Atmosphere and Sean wanted to see A Tribe Called Quest. But the comedy lineup was PHENOMENAL.

Not only were Tinkle, a comedy 'troupe' that consists of three of my favorite comics of all time, David Cross, Todd Barry and Jon Benjamin.. But also Zach Galifianakis, Doug Benson, Maria Bamford, and a bunch of other comedians I'd never heard but have heard OF. As we got closer to Bumbershoot, I began to worry more and more about being out in the sun, being tired, walking around.. Plus everybody I talked to said that the comedy theaters are usually packed to only standing room, and if you saw one show, there was NO WAY to make it into the show directly after that.I stressed, but then I saw Doug Benson say that if anybody needed help getting into shows to let him know.

Doug gave me his number and I called him when I got to Seattle. Thanks to him, Sean, Chad and I got to sit in each theater between setting up / emptying and filling the theater. So we had amazing seats the entire time.

The first day we saw John Mulaney, Maria Bamford, Dana Gould, (Eric) Slovin & (Leo) Allen, Zach Galifianakis, Aziz Ansari, Nick Thune, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Doug Benson, and Tinkle at the Intiman Theater. The Mulaney/Bamford/Gould show I had crappy seats all the way in the back, but the rest was front and center, basically.

The second day we saw ASSSSCat (with emcee Doug Benson.), Nick Thune, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Aziz Ansari, Trapped in the Closet (hosted by Paul Scheer and Aziz Ansari with guest panelists Leo Allen, Matt Walsh, Mary Lynn Rajskub, John Mulaney, and Rob Huebel.) and Best Week Ever Live (Paul F Tompkins, Christian Finnegan and Doug Benson). While waiting after ASSSSCat got over, Michael Blieden, a documentary filmmaker interviewed me for Doug Benson's upcoming project. He's doing a documentary on Marijuana. Kind of like Super Size Me only 30 days of smoking weed. I just gave a short interview about medicinal and how it helps for me so much. It was really great to meet Michael Blieden - who I was a fan of without even knowing it. He did the Comedians of Comedy movie AND show, and the upcoming Zach Galifianakis Live at the Onion movie.

The third day Sean and Chad ran to get me some food while I waited outside the handicapped entrance at the Charlotte Martin theater. While there, I happened to be sitting by the stage entrance, where Doug Benson strolled out and hung out with me for a few minutes. After that Arj Barker came and sat on the other side of me, then out runs Zach Galifianakis. They introduced me, and I got star struck. Doug, Arj and Zach surrounding me plus this great filmmaker filming it all. It was a great time. I was then interviewed for awhile more about medicinal, so I'm thinking i'll be in a decent part of the flick. So be sure and watch for me. ;)