Boy Oh Boy Am I Ever Fed Up

When I went in for my first appointment to meet the DSHS CSO (Department of Social & Health Services Social Worker) I knew from the first time that I was going to have problems with her. It's been six months and she's still saying 'i don't know' just as much as the first time we met. I'll go into more detail about that meeting and my other experiences with her at another time, but let's just say I've heard a lot of 'I don't know's" on her behalf. At that original meeting I indicated to her that I was suffering from extreme social anxiety, so she sent me to an psych evaluator.

1) The lady had a flight of steps in her office, kinda difficult for someone who is disabled and there for that reason, to climb up.
2) She barely said to words to me. I took a 500 question true or false quiz, then I did two timed connect the dots. I'm not exaggerating by any means.

From the psych evaluator's amazing test giving skills, she decided that my anxiety was the result of my 'abuse' of PREDNISONE and HYDROCODONE. ABUSE.