Incompetant Social Workers Who Just Don't Care

(Otherwise known as "The Story of my Life")

Dealing with state or federal assigned caseworkers is hellish. The one I was assigned to most recently says 'I don't know' as a response to questions 95% of the time. I requested she talk through my mother or through Sean, instead of myself, since I have a hard time controlling my emotions with them and not getting completely frustrated and angry.

When the pharmacy initially called and told me they had cut my insurance, I started having a panic attack. The panic attack somehow triggered the worst nosebleed I've ever had. I was gagging and choking, while trying to talk on the phone and crying at the same time. I've requested help for my anxiety, but they refuse to pay attention to it. Everything gets 'pooh-poohed' by them.

When the caseworker finally called me back, I told her that she was cutting medications from me that I need. If I were to stop taking them altogether, my kidneys would fail. Adrenal failure or something (more factual posts will be coming soon, I'm just tired and need to write this before I forget to.). She said "How is that?" skeptically. And I told her, because it was the closest comparison I could come up with in that state, 'Because withdrawing from Prednisone is like withdrawing from HEROIN!'. The woman's response? "Well, I've never heard THAT."

When I called the doctors office and told them they pulled my insurance out from under me while I was going through withdrawals, the nurse was extremely concerned. SHE knew the severity of their actions. These people need better training and they need to do better research about the people they're supposed to be helping.