Gross post!

The first thing I've posted that is explicitly gross and graphic. I'm writing this blog, partially, to make people aware of the various little daily things that people with compromised immune systems have to deal with, that other people typically don't. We're so much more susceptible and sensitive to illnesses and reactions, that if something can happen - it probably will.

A couple of months ago I had a really awful sinus infection. There was mucus until no end, a tingle in my right nasal cavity that was so painful I had an ice pack on it most of one week. After that, I developed a painless bump on my lower lip. It wasn't mushy, there wasn't any blood or even anything for blood to come through, so I didn't worry too much. After a week or two of having it, I got a little freaked out - thinking it was a lip tumor or something. I researched and discovered it was likely a mucus filled cyst left over from my sinus infection.

This giant bump on my lip not only affected my gorgeous smile (ha ha.) but was also in one of the most frequently 'bitten' areas on my mouth. I would try to eat and end up chomping down on my cyst, which I must have bitten a hole into because this morning, one little touch of my lip and out comes a mouthful of what looked like snot and blood. Sexy, yes? It tasted like a delicious chocolate chip milkshake, too.

Yuck. At least the giant bump is gone.