One of the hardest things to deal with

when you have Lupus and Fibromyalgia (or other autoimmune diseases) is the social aspect. It's extremely difficult to make and keep friends when you're ill. People are too busy and too wrapped up in their own stuff (not that that's a bad thing.) to care about what you're dealing with all the time. There's only so much they can feel for me. I constantly feel sick, so I don't like to leave the house. I have to apply a lot of sunscreen, which still doesn't shield me from feeling sick to my stomach being in any sunlight at all. It's a big hassle. I get tired easily, and I feel like I just bring everybody down and am a big pain to be around.

It's really lonely and depressing to always watch your friends go out and have a good time together at a bar, or go out to eat together, or just go do anything.. I never really get to be involved, like normal 22 year olds do.

I'm going through a flare and am just really lonely right now. I've felt this lots of times, and I'm sure readers have had similar experiences and feelings.