Pain In the Ass! - Seriously.

I become extremely uncomfortable when I have to sit or lay on a hard surface. The pressure of the hard surface against my body is too painful to handle. When watching a movie or going to a restaurant or to a bar, I have to carry around a pillow so my little butt won't hurt too much. I know I can't be the only person who has Fibromyalgia that has this problem. I've been trying to come up with a solution. My boyfriend has come up with a pretty awesome purse / pillow combo design, and I recently stumbled across a website I thought might help. I can't afford one right now, so if anyone else tries it - please let me know how it works!

I promise they didn't pay me to post this. It's a pantie / padding combo, designed specifically for making a flat butt look a little rounder. Thus making the name, "Bubbles Bodywear" appropriate. It's like killing two birds with one stone for me, since it will make me look like I have an actual ass!


Tao said...

LOL. I already have a ghetto booty shelf, but whenever I sit (on anything) my entire lower half beneath my hips goes numb. Not sure what nerve is getting pinched, but I've got extra cushions on everything.

My bed has a memory foam top, and I recently switched to a memory foam pillow, and I would strongly suggest using something like that under your tush. If you're like me, you have problems getting deep sleep (and being tired all the rest of the time, despite keeping active). Using a memory foam has been an incredible improvement. My pain wakes me less frequently in the night as my pressure points are not impacted.