What is a good way to address

people on message boards who are out of line? Probably on your blog. I'll try to make it ambiguous, but I'd like to address some of the things this guy brought up.

There is an experimental therapy for Lupus patients using UVA1 rays, and for a lot of them it improves brain function rather than hurting them physically (like UVA and UVB rays typically do.) I've read about it, and I do believe it can help people with Lupus. But I don't believe it is going to help me, because I have fibromyalgia in addition to Lupus, causing extreme sensitivity to everything from sunlight, to fluorescent lights, to medications, so much that it makes me uncomfortable.

The person who was pushing this down my throat didn't bother to listen to what I had to say, instead they got defensive over me expressing my opinion in a mature manner. It's the same way I feel about overzealous religious people. I don't push my beliefs down your throat, you pay me the same respect. Just because I have an open minded view of questioning something instead of immediately believing every word that is thrown at me, doesn't mean I'm stupid. It means I'm going to investigate it a little further.

The fact that you are self righteous, mean and obnoxious about it really doesn't encourage me to read about this therapy, which I thought was your intention. You wanted to help people, right? So do it in the most comforting and friendly way possible, instead of calling them idiots.